Toxic Overload - What’s Happening To Our Children? Are They On?

Michelle Corey

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How many so called Mystery Illnesses are we going to witness before we take notice? Only when it happens to our own children? Even those who try to eat the healthiest foods, avoid chemicals and drink pure water, are still exposed to massive amounts of harmful pollutants that are totally out their control. In today’s world it is difficult to be free of all the toxins that can affect you, but we have to try to avoid as much as possible. Have you noticed there are more and more neurological issues with our children? There seems to be an outbreak of Tourettes and seizures everywhere. I do not think we can pinpoint this on one particular source, but I do think we are so far removed from nature that our children are on toxic overload. device-in-their-handsSince children have thinner skulls, they are so much more affected by things such as frequency pollution and air borne chemicals. How many 8 year olds have a device in their hands a couple of hours a day, never mind eating the new genetically modified foods and having five vaccinations at once and why are they eating blue food anyway? And what about the “new” furniture emitting 30 or so chemicals that they breathe in their sleep. Maybe those 15 teens from Leroy High School in New York. whom all of a sudden had an onset of “Tourettes “ got new desks and carpeting, and the gases released were too much for their bodies to process because they already were overloaded from other toxins. It’s a shame what’s happening to our children. The liver can only process so much toxin at once before the nervous system goes haywire. Yes, I am passionate about this because we cannot ignore it. To maintain wellness we have to be aware and at least try to live in balance and avoid unnecessary exposure. Let’s pay attention to how much is accumulating and notice how much your child is exposed and eliminate as much of you can of these: second-hand-smokeFood chemicals, preservatives, and colors, unpure water, processed foods, wireless electronic devices, electromagnetic frequencies, air pollution, second hand smoke, unnecessary medications, microwaving plastic, heavy metals, lead poisoning, exposure to chemicals, pesticides, radiation, personal care products, etc..and STRESS SO WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP OUR CHILDREN? Well, we do have a lot of control over our diets and our personal environment and making small changes matter. I would like to help you become aware of a few simple changes you can make to help your children. Let’s start with food. Each person’s biochemistry is as different as a fingerprint, so what works for you may not even work for your own children. First of all, they may have a different blood type than you, and that means certain foods are beneficial to you and not them. Each decade the world seems to become a little more unnatural and the children have a harder time adapting from the go. The reason it’s important to eat foods as whole and unprocessed as much as possible is to optimize the nourishment in the body to keep it in a healthy state, which keeps the immune system strong to fight off pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and toxins. In case you don’t know what the difference is between a processed food and a whole food, it is a potato vs. potato chips. So if a child is eating a lot of processed foods, his body is actually under stress and this may contribute to “allergies”, “asthma”, and more neurological symptoms. our-milk-todayEven our milk today is not the same as it was 40 years ago. Because it is processed different now, cows that are not bred organically, have been given antibiotics and hormones and chemicals that milk is actually missing an enzyme that digests lactose, so it makes sense our children have more dairy allergies today. So if the body is already compromised, how can it stand up to all of the new environmental toxins? Not only is it important to nourish with nutrient dense whole foods, most people don’t realize that junk foods actually deplete your system of good nutrients! If you don’t provide constant support the body will use nutrients it has stored in your muscles and bones for energy. “You are what you eat is primarily true”. Sugar is what we call a negative nutrient, and so are chemicals like aspartame (diet tonic), preservatives, and colors. Don’t forget that liquids matter as well, so try to drink pure water and nourishing beverages. What about the outside? Since skin is our largest organ and absorbs nutrients as well, what do you think happens when you rub your baby with a red body wash or lotion that has 15 chemicals? Yes, these are also toxins. I’m not saying it’s easy to be all natural in today’s world, but we can be aware and make changes where we have choices. There are more and more chemical free products today, so please consider the stress on your baby’s system when you reach for that red body wash full of colors and chemicals, so be mindful and choose something like the olive oil or goats milk fragrance free soaps and lotions. And how about that plug in chemical flower smell that your child breathes in every time he walks in the house? Or just the liquid with the sticks that he has to smell when he uses the bathroom? Okay, we can also have some control over other external factors in our home. We used to just have to worry about the cell phone towers but lately we have a dramatic increase in electromagnetic fields and radiation from all the wireless technology. The most important room is where your child sleeps for 8 or 9 hours a night. We can turn off the cell phone or at least leave it 5 feet away from the body and there many cell phone guards today that neutralize and protect you from the electromagnetic frequencies. And we should limit the time they use these flashing games to an hour a day and get some fresh air. So there really is much we can to reduce stress for our children so their systems in balance and not on overload when an emotional trauma happens or gases are emitted from a new carpet. If the bodies already “full” and stressed from just daily habits how can the children tolerate an impact? Let’s help our children Thank you Michelle P. Corey


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