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Biofeedback / Bioresonance Balancing

Quantum Biofeedback will get you back on track to live a more energetic, youthful life! Here is the bottom line: If you have inflammation, then you are Aging. At all times, we are either regenerating or degenerating.

Quantum Biofeedback Therapy measures the state of your subtle energy fields and reflects the presence of existing imbalances. The information gained provides insight into your energetic physiology.

Let me help you understand.

We all have a vibrational frequency, and there are many factors that contribute to the total frequency. Our sum total is from all our interactive energy systems: mind, body, and spirit.

As Human beings, we tend to accumulate small traumas over the course of our lifetime. If these traumas are not fully resolved when they occur, they are incorporated in our energetic structure. When our field becomes out of balance, we start having physical symptoms.

Biofeedback begins to reveal the most superficial and acute layers first. Peeling back, layer by layer, eventually leads to the older layers that we have carried the longest. These often have deep impacts on our beauty, health and spirit systems.

Remember, we are complex beings. Each of us is unique and different with a variety of experiences, lessons, and baggage.

Resonance frequency can restore balance to the dysfunctional imprints and release the trauma, creating increased order and greater cellular balance.

Examples of existing imbalances that show up are nutritional deficiencies, allergies, aging causes, dormant pathogens, parasites, infections, aura and chakra reading, and much more! 

A healthy foundation is essential.

I like to start with making sure you are addressing your physical body first. Every decade, our organs become less efficient. We must support our bodies with the right nutrients before we are able to work on the rest. This will improve our frequency and ensure the best results.

 Booking A Session

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  • One Session: $200.00
  • Package of 3: $550.00
  • Package of 6: $995.00 

Sessions are Virtual or In-Person

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Virtual Intuitive Wellness Check - 30 minutes, $99

You can choose any topic to focus on, and remember small changes matter! Is there something you are eating or doing everyday that is contributing to you not feeling well?

For example, you may have peanut butter often, and don’t realize your body may not tolerate lectins. This alone could give you joint pain.

  • What are your food sensitivities?
  • Do you have parasites? Fungus?
  • What is your viral load or bacteria?
  • Do you have heavy metals?
  • Why do you have brain fog?
  • Are your nutrition levels where they should be?
  • Is your aura clear ? What emotions are stuck in your field? Let’s release them!


+ Cellular Age Check

What is your biological age? How are you aging? Learn what is aging you. Based on voltage, telomeres, free radicals, nutrition, HGH, and more.

Session: $149.00

Now Virtual or In-Person!


Virtual Muscle Testing 

Virtual Muscle Test with Michelle Corey to see what products you need. This service will use Cell Core Biosciences Vials. *service only*

*Session: $79.00 

Virtual Muscle Testing using Cellcore

Reiki Session

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