Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Conscious Living Leads to Elevated Health

These programs are designed to gain insight about how personal choices impact our stress levels and well-being. They guide attendees toward healthier life choices that lead to improved health and greater life satisfaction.

  1. Conscious Living 101— Adopt The Anti-Aging Lifestyle, and increase your state of vitality and well-being. Maintain youthful energy throughout every decade as you learn to foster optimal levels of health. This program will address all aspects of mind and body, with a focus on nutrition and the environment.

    Attendees will gain better health awareness as they learn what daily habits impact health and happiness. Topics include: Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, Targeted Nutrition, and Mindfulness. Learn what to avoid and which supplements lead to Youthing and Integrated Wellness.  
  1. Energy 101 – Do you try to be healthy but still don’t feel quite right some days? Maybe you are off energetically. This exciting and engaging seminar will open your eyes to the unseen energy around you. Learn the basics of Energy Medicine, tap into your own ability to balance yourself, and feel great every day.

    Attendees will learn to manage the energy around them and better understand how it impacts health, and stress. Topics include: The Human Energy Field (Aura), What Effects Our Energy, and Techniques to Elevate Your Personal Life Force. Increasing our vibrational frequency directly impacts physical health and leads to a higher state of well BE-ing. 


Provide better health awareness and increase productivity. Living Optimal Levels of Health, Vitality,
and Purpose to enhance wellbeing.

Attendees will increase awareness of nutrition, and personal frequency to help achieve optimal performance, increase levels of productivity. The frequency of your life force affects your physical health.