30 Days to Shift Metabolism & Mindset

Holistic Wellness Plus

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30 Days to Shift Metabolism & Mindset

30 Days to Shift Metabolism & Mindset
Feel younger - Look better- Increase Energy
AGE Well
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Appt. 1

  • Learn your metabolic and cellular Age 
  • Identify your level of toxic load of pathogens- heavy metals, bacteria, virus, parasites, mold, EMfs.  
  • Get a regimen to reduce the toxic load

 Appt. 2 

  • Focus on gut health, leaky gut
  • Identify food sensitivities and foods creating inflammation
  • Nutritional deficiency check
  • Get a supplement regimen to support deficiencies

 Appt. 3 

  • We will clear your energy field, balance chakras to assist you in the body mind connection 
  • How to slow Glycation (Aging) techniques
  • Tips to reduce glucose spikes and cravings 

          We are not seeking perfection, we are looking for lifestyle changes to provide progress to increase energy, and slow down the aging process.

This entails 3 online Biofeedback sessions within 30 days.
Please choose the same day and time if possible.