4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin – Industry Expert Shares Secrets You Can Do Yourself!

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 4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin – Industry Expert Shares Secrets You Can Do Yourself!

Twenty years ago, one plastic surgeon, I assisted with ‘facial peels’ surprised me with his first step. I have been doing this to myself ever since.

Just know that it is never too late; you can renew and improve your skin at any age. Our cells are either in a state of regenerating or a state of degenerating.

So, it’s all about getting to the layer underneath. Yes, this is your real skin! You may think you have dry skin, but there is a layer of dead skin there. This top layer (epidermis) constantly sheds, and we have to constantly exfoliate. When you sloth off this layer, then you can nourish your real skin, and get your glow on.

Let me show you how I get to your ‘real skin.’

Get a good, strong mirror—I have used one by Big Eyes for years. And use a good light—or get near a window with sunlight.

This is basically what I do:

  1. Dermaplane
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Nourish externally
  4. Nourish internally

Let me explain what dermaplaning is. You use a tool that scrapes off your fuzzy facial hair along with some dead skin. I have used these inexpensive tools made by Tinkle. The trick is to use it in the direction of your hair growth to keep your skin feeling smooth. For visual guidance, search YouTube for a video that demonstrates the technique.

You have several choices of products to use for the next step: alpha hydroxyl, retinol, glycolic acid, or lactic enzyme acid. You have to figure out which one agrees with your skin and works best for you. Lactic enzyme acid is typically safe for sensitive skin.

  • Caution: Some strong professional peels thin the skin over time, so be careful when having strong peels. More frequent low doses are preferred, as opposed to a deep ‘peel.’

Please do NOT try retinol or glycolic on Rosacea. Rosacea requires special care; read more on my blog: What is Rosacea and how to treat it.

My Process:

*First, I dermaplane my skin.

*Then, I use a lactic acid enzyme. This seems to stop the dead skin from forming and keeps my pores small. I just boil a pot on the stove and let the steam moisten the product for about 10 minutes. Rinse with a warm cloth—do not rub hard.

*So now you have sloughed off most of the top layer. Take a gentle cloth with a cream or oil. Slough off the remaining dead skin cloth (use the mirror) in small circles. Be careful! If you aren’t cautious, you might accidentally go too deep.

*This last step is key. When your face is still damp, apply your nourishing oils or creams. I keep a small bottle of distilled water ready to spray before I apply the oil. This is where I use a serum with jojoba oil and vitamin E from Ecco Bella, or sometimes just plain organic jojoba oil. Check out the serum here. Your face should now feel clean and glowing.

If you have deeper congestion with whiteheads or blackheads, I would get a professional extraction.

Your skin is your largest organ. It readily absorbs whatever you put on it, so be mindful of preservatives. Products do sometimes need preservatives, and there are low hazard ones verified by EWG. Remember to AVOID fragrances; they are toxic chemicals. As we get older, our bodies have a harder time processing out chemicals. Your kidneys and liver will thank you.

Products I Use Nightly:

  1. Mild Cleanser
  2. Organic Jojoba Oil- This does not clog pores; it is the most similar to sebum.
  3. Vitamin C Serum
  4. Hyaluronic Serum
  5. Peptide Cream (with DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C Ester)

My Morning Beauty Ritual:

In the morning I just rinse with water and add a bit more nourishing oil and peptide. Then, I apply a tinted SPF as a foundation. I have been using one from W3ll People lately.

You can apply all the creams and lotions you want, but beauty does involve the whole-body essence.

Inside-Out Beauty

Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside—gorgeous skin is an inside job! Get your gut in order first. Your microbial health and Ph are critical to all systems, and it shows up in your skin. We can fight aging and oxidative damage better if our gut flora is in order.

You don’t have to start taking all kinds of supplements. Eliminating one thing that might cause your inflammation can make all the difference. Try not eating gluten for two weeks, …or dairy, …or grains, …or how about sugar? Excessive alcohol and caffeine can upset and inflame your whole digestion.

Below are beneficial supplements for skin health. Consistency matters. If you take something once in a while, it is not the same as taking it every day. Start with one new thing and take it like you would medicine; the same time every day. This way you will see and feel what works for you. Always start with the basics: fish oil, enzymes, and vitamin D.

Every day I take:

  1. Fish Oil: Omega 3 to reduce inflammation
  2. CoQ10 Ubiquinone: Antioxidant and energy producer
  3. Vitamin D with k1 and k2
  4. Vitamin C: Non-acidic, organic Acerola Cherry to stimulate collagen and reduce free radical damage
  5. Digestive Enzymes: Helps assimilate the nourishing food I eat
  6. Bentaine HCL: Breaks down my food
  7. Fermented food (even a tablespoon) to keep my gut in order
  8. B-complex
  9. Plenty of vegetables

You can always experiment with Alpha Lipoic Acid and other antioxidants like pycnogenol, resveratrol, astaxanthin, and so forth.

The #1 skin health vitamin is Vitamin A; this how retinol is derived. Creams and serums are abundant and work well for wrinkles. My skin is a bit sensitive for these, so I eat plenty of foods that are rich in beta carotene. Think orange—carrots, sweet potato, etc.

Retinol is also in animal products such as eggs and liver. Sorry vegans, but it is difficult to stimulate collagen without the complete animal amino acid profile. I do eat small amounts of organic animal protein.

Whole Body Beauty

All in all, to have gorgeous skin, we need water, oxygen, nourishment, and healthy insides. And good, deep sleep to regenerate.

Exercise if you are able. Otherwise, deep breathing for ten minutes, slow walks, and meditating can help us radiate! If you are not able to move around much, at least dry brush your skin; this helps to release toxins.

Beauty involves the whole body—the essence of our heart, soul, and external body.

These are some of my favorite products:

Tinkle Scraping Tools

W3ll People Tinted SPF

Ecco Bella Jojoba and Vitamin E Serum


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