Answer to Age Spots and Malasma That Really Works

Michelle Corey

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I am so happy to have found a product that is safe to use on age spots and malasma. It works, and it works fast! You can begin to see a change in the first week! 

4 Steps to Gorgeous Skin – Industry Expert Shares Secrets You Can Do Yourself!

Michelle Corey

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Twenty years ago, one plastic surgeon, I assisted with ‘facial peels’ surprised me with his first step. I have been doing this to myself ever since. Just know that it is never too late; you can renew and improve your skin at any age. Our cells are either in a state of regenerating or a state of degenerating. Let me show you how I get to your ‘real skin.’

What is Rosacea and how to treat it

Michelle Corey

    What is Rosacea and how do we treat it? Rosacea is characterized mostly by inflamed redness on the face. It is usually found on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead and has small bumps. In some rare cases it is seen on the neck, chest, or eyes. Need to know rosacea facts:If you leave it alone it tends to become more problematicIdeology is unknownStudies shows no history of disease with this chronic skin disorderDermatologists typically prescribe steroidsWhat types of skin can get rosacea?There is not one skin type associated with the condition. Some people might have oily skin,...

Choosing the best sunscreen this summer

Michelle Corey

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We know the sun is vital for all life force! Too much sun however can be harmful, so it is important to be safe by choosing the best sunscreen. Here is the problem: Some of the sunscreens that are supposed to protect you from the sun actually end up causing you harm. Out of 880 sunscreens tested from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), only 239 passed the test.   This means that almost 75% of sunscreens were not effective in protecting you from the sun and they contained toxic ingredients.   There are a couple of things you should look for...


Michelle Corey

If you have inflammation, you are aging, and anti-aging naturally is best! When you identify what the cause of inflammation is, then you can slow the aging process. My goal is to get you to Anti-Age naturally! Quantum Biofeedback Therapy measures the state of your body and identifies what is aging you. It helps to determine what is creating inflammation in your body. It can then retrain and balance any stress patterns. Biofeedback can help you get back on track to living a more energetic youthful life. Besides proper diet, rest, and exercise, there are specific vitamins and nutrients that...