3 Ways to Manage your Energy

Michelle Corey

Do other people zap your energy? Do you notice around certain people and interactions, you feel drained, or suddenly get weak? If you are healthy, then this means that you should learn to manage your energy.

Empaths have a greater sensitivity to others emotions and unseen energy. Sometimes other people’s energy can really take a toll on you. You could be picking up negative energy from others, or leaking energy because your field is too open. If this happens to you, it is very important to learn the 3 ways to manage energy. Here they are: ground yourself, clear your energy, and protect yourself.
Life becomes a lot easier and flows better when you learn to manage your energy. Making time for this will only improve your life. This is especially important for those who are doing any sort of energy work or channeling, as they are even more involved with the energy of others.

Ground yourself-
Grounding yourself ensures that you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. It’s that feeling that you are stable and that everything is okay. How do you know if you are grounded? Well, it’s a feeling. Being grounded feels clear, it feels like a calm mind, and like ease. The opposite would be the feeling of anxiety or fear.

Ways to ground yourself
Connect with mother nature- This can help you feel more grounded. Spend more time outdoors. You can sit by a tree or go swimming in the ocean. Walk barefoot in the sand, or put your feet in the dirt.
Take deep breaths- This might seem obvious, but it is so crucial. Breathing provides oxygen to entire body and organs. It’s what keeps us alive!
Move your body- Whether it’s yoga, or any type of psychical activity you enjoy, when you connect with your body you feel more grounded.

Grounding Technique
Use this Visualization Technique to feel more grounded.
Find a quiet place to sit where you know you won’t be disturbed. Begin to focus on your breath as you breathe deeply. Then, visualize a cord that starts at the bottom of your spine and strengths down to the center of the Earth. Bring this energy back up through the cord and up through crown of your head. Picture a warm and loving ball of light wash down your spine. Intention is very powerful, when doing this it's best if you try to really feel this.

Clear Your Energy
Clearing your energy should be done daily. It removes any negative energy that has been lingering in your field. It allows you to start fresh. I do a deep clearing a couple times a year using Clearing by Diana Burney - a Great book.

Natural remedies for clearing
Use Crystals and gemstones
Burn Sage at home to clear any lower energies that are present in your space.
Take a Salt bath
Intention along with visualization can be most effective
Use Sprays that have essential oils often can be e because of their clearing properties
Walking on the beach can be a natural purifier.

Protect Your Energy
Not only can you ask your spirit guides for protection, it would be smart to do so. You can ask your spirit guides to protect you from anything or anyone who isn't serving your life. Have faith that you are being looked after by a greater force that wants only the best for you, and your life. There is no right or wrong way to do so, you can just ask in your mind, or say it out loud.
Using energy Medicine helps me very much too. I like Donna Edens teachings. Zipping your front governing meridian often is a sure way the keep protected.Click here for her teachings

Managing your energy is something that should be done often or daily. Don’t wait until you get too out of balance. It’s always easier to get a handle on things early on.
However, if you do feel really drained, just know that it's never too late to ground yourself, clear your energy, and protect yourself.
Keep Clearing!!

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