Covid-19 Spiritual Quarantine: 5 Ways to Elevate Your Intuition

Michelle Pauline Corey

In this time of self-quarantine, I am convinced it is really a Spiritual Quarantine, and a time for courage to assist our inner awakening. It is a time to reboot our basic values and evolve to a better self.

Don’t you see this is the plan? Not only are we cleaning and clearing our homes and bodies, we are cleaning our souls. It is time to turn to our inner sanctuaries and gain insight. You see, God (source, divine) is always trying to get our attention, and this is an opportunity to have a stronger relationship.

This spiritual quarantine is meant for soul growth and to help us receive spiritual intuitive downloads. We will not be the same after this. Tap into the divine, and get to know who you contracted to be when you decided to incarnate this time. Honor your gifts and who you are.

Mother Earth is changing and transforming, and eventually she will heal and replenish.  We wouldn’t listen, so the universe is forcing us to make changes. This is all meant to happen; it is in the stars. If you follow the science of astrology, you will be convinced that 2020 is designed for the earth to transform. That, in turn, will transform us as humans.

Here is the problem:

Covid-19 Spiritual Quarantine: 5 Ways to Elevate Your IntuitionThe way we live has become so stimulated. People have been searching and running for comfort outside the self so much; it is no wonder the general public is having such a hard time staying home. Even in this time of staying put, people are having a hard time being with themselves, or even connecting with those they live with. It is a time to connect, stop running, and forgive, including forgiving ourselves.

 This is what I suggest to help your intuition:

  1. Get grounded. Literally spend time with the earth: Walk, garden, or just sit outside and be with nature. Be present and observe the little things like the sounds of the birds, trees budding, etc. This will help to be with yourself and get more balanced. Mother earth has a way of cleansing us and taking away our negativity.

  2. Learn a Breathwork technique. There all kinds of techniques to try. My favorite is alternate nostril breathing; it gets me in the zone fast before I meditate. It is a type of Yoga breathing that will help still your mind and reduce anxiety. Another good one is box breathing, recommended by the Navy Seals. It calms and helps you focus at the same time.

  3. Try to have the same scheduled time in the same spot every day to be still. This will start a habit that will help you to chill down quicker. You can start with just 5 minutes. I begin with breathwork, then deep breathe and visualize a light in my 3rd eye… You could put on some soothing music to set the tone. After a while, you will connect. Daily practice will strengthen your ability. The more you spend time with yourself without distractions, the sooner you will know.

  4. ASK & LISTEN. This would be the time to better listen for answers to your questions. When you are quiet, you are in a place to hear what source is providing you. After some time, communicating and knowing yourself will become second nature. I talk to God all day as I go about my work, and that way I am always guided. When I ask a question, I am shown a picture. That is my answer, but you will develop your senses in your own way. You may hear the answer, or you may just know. All of a sudden, you will see that you had your answers all along.

  5. Stay in the highest Vibrational Frequency you can. When your Hertz is higher, your energy field is clearer and lighter, and this makes it easier for you to communicate. Simply put, try not to partake in energy that brings you down. Become aware and start with eliminating the negative. This would include negative talk, negative people, and habits that do not serve your health. You know what they are.

    Start with small changes to help you. Just watch the news briefly, instead of constantly, and then watch something uplifting. Anything in your energy that is not uplifting will lower you. When your Hertz is high, you naturally attract goodness to you! Synchronicity becomes normal.

    There are many ways to elevate your field like crystals, quality essential oils, music, laughter, happy movies and etc. 

If we don’t tap into the divine in a collective oneness, I feel it will hit us again until we get it. According to the planets, if we do not learn our lessons, the virus will come back sometime mid-September to November. Let’s have some discipline and help things along.

Be present, be open to receive, find your purpose, and honor your commitments.

Let us BE ready to serve and help each other

Warm Regards,





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