Feeling Stuck In Life?

Michelle Corey

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Interview with Michelle Corey

 Are You Feeling Stuck In Life?

Follow along with Michelle as she discusses how feeling stuck in life has many causes and patterns. Please enjoy this Webinar and ask any questions in the comments. Thank You! depressionUsually when we feel stuck in life, it is often because we are resisting change. If we are really honest with ourselves, we know what we have to do to move forward but hesitate for many reasons. The reasons and resistance may not even conscious to someone. It is as if we have this conflict with yourself. What are we really resisting? We are unconsciously resisting a specific hurt from the past. Fear is usually not far away and what happens is we can stay stuck in our default survival pattern, the one we developed when we learned how to give and receive love. Staying stuck can can bring on depression and disatisfaction in life which is why it has to shift. The bottom line is - We are resisting the flow of life.

What Prevents Us From Moving Forward?

The answer is FEAR. Fear comes from many sources. How about identity? Who will I be if I move on and leave the situation I am in. Then there is insecurity, lack of confidence, inadequecy, and feelings of abandonment. Fear of the unknown and not knowing what will happen. The feelings and emotions that are being reactivated by our circumstances are contriburing to the fear. It is some form of not being ok. Now what happens is when you resist you create more fear. It is the belief about the emotion you are avoiding that is the problem.

What Can Free Us From Fear?

fearWe have to become aware and identify the emotion we are avoiding. Then we have to consciously observe, try to recognize what we are really doing, and release the false belief about that emotion. Once you find and heal the emotion the need to resist disapears. Be willing to feel and free the hurt. Facing and feeling the emotion is typically not as lasting as you would think, and certainly not as stressful as keeping yourself in a fear pattern. You really have to trust that it will be ok no matter what. It is here that the more ways you can support yourself, the more confidence you will have to move forward.

Keep Healthy Through Change

Stress is associated with change - even good changes have stress that will impact your body, so it is important to keep your body in good health to withstand stress. It is important to strengthen yourself if you anticipate a change with good nutrition, exercise, and ways to manage stress. In My Biofeedback practice I help the client move through change first by destressing them, and then also by helping them identify and releasing the emotion they were holding. Diet has to be optimum with nutrient dense whole foods and I make sure they address their nutritional deficiencies to maintain good health. It is beneficial to strengthen the immune system before and during times of stress.  It is always good to increase your intake of multi B vitamins to keep up your energy levels. And of course we talk a lot about positive thinking and manifesting. Be well and Happy!


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