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This Amethyst Biomat Reviews & Advice Article will give you the confidence you need to decide which Infrared heating pad is for you. As a health advocate of 20 plus years, I would like to tell you all about the importance of Biomats with healing stones, and the benefits of having your own. These infrared mats have so many healing properties that it's almost hard to believe. After you try one, you will want to feel the warmth and healing every day. In the first part of this article, I am going to talk about the benefits you will receive from using a biomat on a regular basis. Scroll down if you want to see the comparisons of different brands.

Study of Far Infra-red (FIR) Radiation to Increase Oxygen

One of many studies from PUBMED: The increase in blood flow helps circulation. FIR therapy is proven beneficial for pain. This type of heat helps the vascular flow; and because it stimulates the immune system, every chronic condition can benefit.


Infrared heat and light is something your body needs. These vital rays are usually provided by the sun. According to Wikipedia, more than half of the total energy from the sun is in the form of infrared energy. When we bask in this energy, it increases the white blood cells. This is how the immune system stays strong. It is an important energy for the body that promotes healing. It has nothing to do with ultra violet radiation. Infrared is invisible radiant energy.

Far Infrared Heat Benefits


In today's world full of toxins, we all know how important it is to detox. Some people are unable to exercise or like me have a hard time to perspire. The body runs more efficient if infrared body it can detox properly. When the elimination channels are impaired, usually there is ill health. These mats give us the ability to detoxify by bringing up the body temperature. This helps to release environmental toxins including heavy metals. You can lie on them in short bursts. I happen to love the mini biomat as it is easier to move around.

  • Strengthen The immune system
  • Eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, fat, toxins
  • Stimulate blood flow increasing circulation, production of white blood cells
  • Increase metabolism to burn calories
  • Reduce stress, fatigue, joint pain
  • Destroy bacteria, fungus, parasites, and viruses, cellulite
  • Rebuilds injured tissues, heal faster
  • Rest Sleep better! Negative ions are a natural anti-depressant.
  • Soothe nerves and knotted muscles
  • The Far Infrared Rays warms the body from the inside out. This causes the molecules inside the mitochondria of the cell to resonate and be activated. It heals from the inside out. This is a total different technology than the original heating pad.

Anti-Aging and Infrared Heat

Yes, everything above is a way to feel and look younger! With the detoxing effects and increased blood flow circulation, your skin cant help but look radiant! Please go slow especially with chronic deep health situations. If you try to detox too quickly, the body may go into a state of Herxheimer which is a detox reaction. This will resolve but it is better to start slowly. Healing the body is like peeling an onion. We heal one layer at a time.

Infrared and Cancer

They have been using far infrared successfully to treat cancer in Japan since 1990. When the body temperature is increased to 113 F, the cancer cells die off. This is what The American Cancer Institute has to say about that. Most people with chronic conditions have difficulty getting through the day. Far infrared therapy is a way to get healing treatments daily to help you recover. The infrared penetrates deep into the body to bring relief. It assists in reducing inflammation and thus decrease joint pain. This benefits every cell including lymph glands and nerves deep in your body.

Top Brands Infrared Biomats

The top rated brands below are all electric plug in heated infrared mats with some type of crystal stones. More convenient than saunas, they all heat up quickly. The stones really enhance the effectiveness of the infrared to feel a deeper warmth which helps penetrate up to 6 inches in the body. The infrared stays in the body hours after you leave it too. Once you own one of these you will want to use it every day because if you lay on it for a half an hour when you are stressed, you get up feeling renewed and refreshed. They provide safe, soothing relief of pain and stiffness. 

Types of Stones Used in Different Products

Amethyst: This purple stone has been used for centuries to aid in healing. It brings you to deeper meditations. It also produces small magnetic fields of it's own. All of Richway Biomats have amethyst. Since your body is magnetic, it can influence your cells energy. Amethyst also assists in detoxing the body and calming the nervous system. Heating of these stones creates a host of benefits I have listed below.

Tourmaline: Another semi-precious stone that helps the body in the process of detox. The mini mat has a combination of this and amethyst. When put under pressure, it has the uncanny ability to become its own source of electric charge. One of the few minerals that has the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. Known to increase energy.

Jade: Known as a healing stone and has been known to boost depleted spirits. Therasage and Kendal offer the jade. Just like the amethyst, it can provide its own electric charge. It is known to create balance, peace, and love and provide a steady stream of positive energy. It is also said to bring longevity.

Therasage Jade Heating Pad

This Jade stone infrared heating pad is called the Instant Calmer. This is my next choice if you are on a budget. The jade is not as closely woven, but that allows for easier transport. Some people had problems with the plug connection several years back, but they have corrected that. All in all, this is a great value to bring to infrared healing and they have many size options and a reasonable price range. Low EMF too! To see the large one (70" x 24 x 1") pictured above Instant Calmer Healing Pad, Large. Therasega heating mat weighs 16 lbs $477. The larger one is also the thickest at about an inch. The medium one is ( 21"x 30" ) and weighs 8 lbs. Therasage Heating Pad, Medium $230. Then there are small pads and Mini Pads in different shapes. The mini Pads are great for spot therapy like the neck, especially the oblong one Instant Calmer Healing Pad, Mini Oblong $70. All in all it gives the deep infrared healing heat for not much money.


Kendal Infrared Jade Heat Therapy Healing Mats

This brand of healing jade mats come in all the bed sizes and smaller ones for direct therapy. Every piece of jade is 2 inches in diameter. It heats up very fast. You do need some kind of quilted pad over the stones for comfort as it is not the most comfortable one. There have been complaints about the cord being too short. Some chemically sensitive individuals say there is a plastic gas off for a short while. I would run it a couple of times before I lie on it. The very large one is ideal to sleep on a twin bed. The temperature adjusts from 25 to 70 degree in Celsius. Size: 76" x 48" x 1.4". Twin Size Amazon $179. Overall it is a great value for the money. The queen size has 2 controllers Queen Size Jade Mat / Pad with two temperature controllers $229. The small spot therapy one is 18" x 18". Small Pad $65. OPTION

 Infrared Sauna

Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna

Therasage has a portable infrared sauna with great reviews!Therasage Ps2002 Portable Far Infrared Sauna, Black, Large $600. Make sure you purchase Therasage Ps2002 to insure a quality product. People have been scammed getting an inferior name thinking it is this one. This is great for detoxing if you are chemically sensitive. It will change your life. Go slow so you do not have a Herxheimer Reaction. Set up is easy. EMF very low.


Infrared Mat Reviews


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