Covid -19 Corona Virus:

Body, Mind, Spirit Immune Support

Michelle Pauline Corey

Industry Expert shares knowledge to help elevate your immune–mindful self-care.

You will learn how to increase resistance to infectious diseases by strengthening Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  • Immune Boosting lifestyle habits that will optimize your physical body
  • Develop a resilient mindset to offset fear and stress
  • Energy Medicine practices that will heighten your perception to energy and help you be more immune

Body, Mind and Spirit Immune SupportWe are not just physical. These practices and habits strengthen the oneness of our mind and body. We cannot have one without the other. We must remember that our body is a temple to be honored.

If you have not had good habits or do not know what to do, then start here:

A: PHYSICAL Body First

  1. Know your vitamin D level. Almost every body system relies on vitamin D to run well. When your blood work level is over 60, you are likely to have a stronger immune system. I take 5,000 units a day almost all year. Remember, every decade you absorb less of your nutrients.
  2. I take 1,000 mg of a good vitamin C every day. I have done this for years to stimulate collagen production. Ascorbic acid is okay for the short term, but for the long term, find a more alkalizing food form like acerola cherry. Stones can form from being too acidic, so a high-quality source is key. This also supports your adrenals, protecting against stress.
  3. All day long, I sip on warm water with a squeeze of organic lemon. I have always done this to help be alkaline. There has also been evidence that warming and moistening the throat wards off this virus. So stay hydrated to keep your throat moist and take small sips often. Apparently, it prevents the virus from going directly into the windpipe and lungs.
  4. I make quality bone broth every couple of weeks for about 6 months out of the year. I freeze it in small amounts and have some every few days. This keeps the gut strong, which keeps all systems strong, stimulates collagen, and supports the adrenals.
  5. One day a week, I also fast from solid food. This allows the body to strengthen and heal itself and not spend energy on digestion. I usually drink a variety of liquids every hour and a half. The next day I have so much energy!
  6. And of course, I mostly eat nutrient dense foods. In nutrition class we are taught there is an 85/15 rule to good health. Sugar and processed foods use your valuable nutrients just to digest them.

****Please Please STAY HYDRATED!

 Remember alcohol, coffee, and green tea dehydrate. For every cup of these, add 2X water.

****SANITIZE, SANITIZE, SANITIZE. – Keep washing those hands and avoid other people getting close.


*GET OUTSIDE: Move around, take deep breathes, walk, hike, jump- stimulate those lymph nodes!

New since the pandemic:

  1. I have introduced a probiotic to add to the good bacteria. I typically do not need one as my gut is intact and I eat some fermented foods.
  2. When I get home, all my clothes go right into the laundry room. And I immediately shower.
  3. I brought out the Neti Pot. I figured it was a good idea to rinse out the nasal passages after being out all day. I like using Pau D’Arco with the salt. It has good anti-microbial properties. If it gets too dry, apply coconut oil inside the nose.
  4. I have added adaptogens to help cope with stressful people. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola agree with me.
  5. Of course, there are many other boosters like Elderberry, Echinacea, Black Seed oil, Oregano Oil, and many Homeopathics… See what resonates with you.

B:  Mind and Stress

Body, Mind and Spirit Immune SupportI will say that when this chaos started, I was quite overwhelmed with the hundreds of people coming through my place of work every day. When I stepped back, I realized it was all the fear energy from fellow team members and the public accumulating in me. I had to find a way to handle this to stay balanced.  Stress impacts the immune system, and we must find ways to reduce it. Good nutrition cannot hold our health alone. We have to clear it out of ourselves and out of our energy field. This is part of health.

  1. The Science of Breathwork: It will reset your nervous system and increase focus. It will help you to stay calm and relax you. There are many techniques, but this one is endorsed by our Navy Seals. It is called Box Breathing and it takes only 5 minutes.
  2. Breathe in for 4 seconds.
  3. Hold for 4 seconds.
  4. Exhale all breath out through 4 seconds.
  5. Hold empty for 4 seconds.
  6. Repeat for 5 minutes— easy 4,4,4,4. 
  1. Move Your Lymphs: Physically with your hands, rub and brush your arms and legs and shake off the energy. Use a dry brush before bathing; this will help to stimulate the lymph nodes and keep the toxins from accumulating.
  2. Meditation: If you have never tried it, the time is now. I have meditated for over 20 years, and it does help you feel better even in times of stress. It will reduce anxiety and fear and help relax you. Try it for 5 minutes. A good start is emptying your thoughts to think of one thing over and over—like an orange, for example. Mudras influence the energy of the body, and chanting brings it to another level.
  3. Positive Thoughts and Intention: Yes, they help. Positive thoughts strengthen your immunity; negative thoughts weaken you. As I walk into work every day, I say to myself, “I am protected.” Let’s let only positive, safe energy into our lives.
  4. Salt Baths: Not only are magnesium and baking soda baths soothing and nourishing, they are also a way of draining away the accumulated negative energy in our field. Visualize and imagine the crap energy going down the drain. Feel clearer.
  5. Aura Cleansing: With intention, you can pull in your energetic field around you so less debris has an opportunity to get in. Keep your Aura close to you, especially when in crowds.

C: Spiritual

Body, Mind and Spirit Immune SupportSpiritual Fitness is part of whole health. Develop a daily practice; it will bring your health to higher levels. Tap in and attune to your intuitive downloads. As someone that has been part of esoteric studies for over 20 years, and who has the benefit of having several gifted medical intuitive friends—I bring you a Spiritual Perspective.

It has been told to me that the earth is undergoing a dismantling, a healing of sorts, and will be replenishing itself. I guess we would not listen, so the universe is making changes for us. Our old mindsets have to change.  

As the earth changes, it will have an effect on our physical cellular renewal. Our awareness and inner awakening is meant to grow, and it is the cosmic earth energy that transforms us. It is an internal revitalization.

This is not just about cleaning our body and home; it is about cleaning our soul. So we have been placed in a Spiritual Quarantine of sorts, with the purpose to change within. Tap into the divine; prepare to receive your downloads. It is to your benefit to be still and listen.

Remember, Body First! Some spiritual gurus might disagree—but the physical body needs to be of a certain frequency to accept the downloads the universe is providing you.

There is a silver lining; we are on a path to liberation. We will all find our greater purpose and truth.

This will come back around in the fall if we do not get it right, so nourish yourself now and be still.

I would advise you to listen to Solfeggio music for physical and emotional healing. It will help increase your hertz.

Warm Regards,   

Michelle Corey, HealthWarriorRX


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