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Michelle Corey

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Are spirituality and health entwined? You bet they are. A healthy body requires more than child praying just good nutrition. We need to consider the physical, emotional, and spiritual fields when we are trying to heal. The article below will help you restore your health in many ways.

Spirituality and Health are Entwined

Let me say, I see many healers in my practice that are not well. When we first start opening to our inner knowing; it seems we cannot get enough. We just want to connect. Well, the physical body needs to be in good health in order to receive the higher energy frequency that comes through. vibrational-medicine-the-handbook-of-subtleenergy-therapiesIf the physical body is not well and much time is spent trying to channel divine energies, the body can experience a sort of 'burn'. Sometimes the body needs to catch up and repair before it can bring in and channel that energy. If someone opens too fast to divine guidance and they are not healthy enough, it can slow down the body from getting better if they are already not well. The picture to the right shows the invisible layers of energy around us that can hold Spirituality and Health patterns of ill health. Patterns can develop in the template up to 2 years before illness shows up in the physical body. An interesting book by Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies describes from a scientific view how this happens. It is believed we are born with a holographic template of our health that can we can always access.

Physical Health

digestive-wellness-strengthen-the-immune-system-and-prevent-disease-through-healthy-digestionPhysical health and wellness go hand in hand. This is the first layer I work with when someone has a chronic issue. Studies say 80% of chronic issues such as lupus or other auto immune started with poor digestion. Most people have food sensitivities and do not know it. Start by eliminating those. In a short time you will feel better. The way to work with your physical health is to remove, replace and replenish. This is one of my favorite self-help digestion books, Digestive Wellness. I used this book at Hawthorn University studies. I always eliminate food sensitivities with clients as a first step first. After eliminating food sensitivities, and processed foods, such as white flour and sugar, the next step is to eat nutrient dense foods. There is an 85/15 rule about this. This means 85% of the food you eat should be nourishing to get the vitamins and minerals you need daily.


Please remember how important water is to your body. Water makes up 70% of our body and is required to run efficient. It helps physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We need a minimum of half our body weight in ounces a day to stay hydrated. So if you weigh 100 lbs, you need to drink 50 ounces of water every day. I have to talk about water for not just because all the systems of the body needs sufficient water to operate optimally, but also for when we channel. When we channel energy; we need a higher amount of water intake. Water is a carrier for electricity. If you are continuously dehydrated, and keep channeling, you may experience a sort of 'electrocuted' type of cell burn. This is no joke. This is why we have to be physically healthy to continuously channel.

Emotional Health

heal-your-body-new-cover-the-mental-causes-for-physical-illness-and-the-metaphysical-way-to-overEmotional patterns can get stuck in our energy field and this can prevent us from getting better. emotional happy. This is common in conditions such as Chronic Fatigue. This happens when we start to think the same thoughts over and over and then the pattern gets deeper in the emotional field. Now the physical disease stays stagnant because the mind keeps it that way. I always ask someone what happened the year or two before you got sick? Most often there was some kind of emotional trauma that created stress that began the process of illness. It is when one stays thinking about the situation the same over and over that the illness stays on some level. This is because the same repetitive thoughts are keeping the pattern there. Have you heard of the book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay? It relays which subconscious emotional thoughts contribute to specific illnesses. Heal Your Body / New Cover: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Over the-vortex-where-the-law-of-attraction-assembles-all-cooperative-relationshipsIf you can change the perception of the situation, then you can start the process to shift. I love to listen to these Cd's to help me shift to a higher vibe. Ester and Jerry Hicks Audio Cd's on The Law of Attraction enhance positive thinking.The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. The biggest emotion I see in clients that struggle to get better is unforgiveness. This is a must to release in order to move on. Unforgiveness, resentment, and anger only hurt YOU. I am not a therapist but can suggest that you find a professional help you and free yourself up! Release these and your health will change. Negative energy only attracts more negative energy. Start telling a new story!

Spiritual Health

Now, from talking with different Alternative Doctors, they say about 20% of sick people do not get better. The best nutrition in the world won't do it. I believe this is caused from some kind of spiritual cause that keeps one ill. It can be anything from a karmic pattern, discordant energy, or a dark energy that needs to go from the energy field around us. When this happens on top of a physical problem, it can limit recovery. energy-field-around-usPlease find the right person to help you with this. I like SRT therapy and it can be done over the phone. First remove the dark energy then keep up your personal vibrational frequency. Clearing yourself of trapped dense vibrations helps restore the body to health. I have seen this not necessarily cause the condition, but sometimes a dark force comes in in surgery or a fall, and then the person doesn't get better. This is most common in angel and children as they are pure and vulnerable. I have seen children have surgeries and then not thrive. I had a client fall and get a concussion. As she recovered, she kept falling, and it turned out, she had some dark energies with her that limited her recovery. After clearing these, she had full and prompt recovery. Empaths are particularly vulnerable. We have an extra sense and have to work hard to maintain balance. We get thrown off easily from other people's energy. Just someone wishing you bad or being upset with you can zap your energy and make you weak. This is called a psychic attack. You were corded. This happens all the time and nobody knows it.

Daily Spiritual Diciplines

spiritual-clearings-sacred-practices-to-release-negative-energy-and-harmonize-your-lifeIf you are meditating and working with energy, having daily energy habits are a MUST. If you are not clearing and protecting yourself daily, I think you are being reckless. First, you should know how your own 'healthy energy' feels. Then, when you experience weakness or 'low emotions', you know it is not your own. Clear your field, it goes away and voila! I used this book a lot when I was starting to learn to clear energy Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is shedding the artificial template you developed through your experiences to have love. We usually shed this slowly through life until we become who we were supposed to be. Energetic trapped emotions can fill the original blueprint template. This will lower our vibe and slow down recovery. When we release these lower energies, our original health blueprint restores. Health can be regained. So you tell me; does spirituality and health have to do with one another? I personally think spirituality has a lot to do with health. The more I pay attention to my connection with the divine; I cannot help but make better health choices.

Personal Frequency

The best way to keep your health in balance is to keep your personal frequency as high as possible. Health is always about our frequency. Everything is. We attract into our lives situations similar to our vibration. Why not try to keep it as high as you can as a continuous practice. That way, your life flows as easy as possible. Be mindful of who you allow in your space. My Dad had an expression when I was a kid. He would say "If you sleep with dog's ; you get flees. I had no idea what he meant then, but I do now. The more spiritually aware I am, the more conscious I am of who I spend time with. I always strive to improve myself and that includes increasing my vibe. Stay away from negative people and situations.

Ways to increase your personal frequency

heart-musicSurround yourself with happy people, heart music, children, sunshine. You get the idea. Be mindful of your mood. If you feel low, make an effort shift and lift. Take a walk and breathe! Praying always increases frequency. Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy between two points. The human body has a hertz of about 68. Chronic Fatigue is about 52. Cancer is 42. High quality essential oils have a high frequency. If you don't know where to get these, my friend is a distributor for Young Living Oils. You can go HERE. Have a Blessed Day! Michelle



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